SOS GlenshireWho Is SOS Glenshire?

Community members from Glenshire and neighboring areas have been working together to preserve open space around the Glenshire area for a long time. There are too many names to list when discussing our community organizers, program contributors, and community partners.  Check out our link on the left column to view our most important SOS Glenshire partners.  Currently SOS Glenshire’s board of directors and volunteer members tackle diverse issues related to open space such as sustaining quality of life, responsible development trends, trails and outdoor recreation, wildlife populations and corridors, and generally defining the legacy of the Glenshire community.

The current SOS Glenshire core group is fortunate to have involved many local experts, such as biologists, foresters, land use planners, architects, realtors, business planners, accountants, etc., as well as input and support from the non-profit organization known as MAPF (Mountain Area Preservation Foundation). We have organized various committees and advisors that meet monthly. We will be posting meeting schedules open to the public on the Event Dates page of our website.

What Are We Seeking To Accomplish?

SOS Glenshire’s mission is to support the sustaining of wild lands, wildlife, and quality of life around the Glenshire region (eastern Truckee and Nevada County) for the benefit of current and future generations. Our current efforts seek to minimize the impact of development on the previoulsly proposed Canyon Springs site and, if possible, help facilitate the purchase of this property, to preserve it as permanent open space. Our approach involves reaching out to our Town of Truckee leaders and our neighbors to inform people about the significant negative impact of this development and the importance of land preservation.  By starting at the grass-roots level SOS Glenshire is sure to catch the interest of larger land preservation/environmental agencies to assist with our cause.

Why Does SOS Glenshire Need You?

Your involvement is essential to our success. It will take substantial work, time and funding to bring a potential open space preservation project as large as this one to the point of purchase negotiations, then to final completion. Much help is needed right now, for example, because we believe the developers, including the new owners, will be providing a new or revised development plan in winter, 2009-2010.

How Can You Help?

Talk to your neighbors, friends and colleagues about SOS Glenshire and how they can help protect open space. Direct people to our Open Space Information Resource on our web page

• Stay updated through community meetings, our email action alert and website’s Development Updates.

Volunteer! We need people to write letters to the editor, and a variety of other tasks. If you have a particular expertise, perhaps we can use that in our endeavor as well.

Make a donation today! We need to be ready to hire experts to assist us in successfully getting us through the DEIR and if necessary, legal counsel.  Hiring talented attorneys and other professional advisors requires a sound financial base, so we have started a consulting/legal fund. If the developers/land owners decide to sell, any remaining donations could be used to help purchase the property, hopefully with the financial involvement of land trusts and other partners.

Go to our Donate/Volunteer page for donation methods, or donate immediately using a credit card or PayPal account. By clicking the button below you will be taken to a PayPal supported web site where you can make an immediate and secure donation to SOS Glenshire.


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