One thought on “Sign Petition to “Save Eastern Truckee”

  1. The impact of Canyon Springs would definately be negative in all pertinant aspects: continual construction noise and air pollution, undesirable increase in parcels, increase traffic equalling more noise and air pollution, degradation of smallness to our mountain community. We are absolutely 150% against the development of “Canyon Springs” which in the past 20 years has tried to be developed under different names. Why continue to fight a lost battle, obviously the negative impact on Glenshire and its’ adjoining Mt. Rose Wilderness has been protected for many years. I am an avid distance runner with hundreds of miles and hours under my belt out there and have come in close contact with our local cougars, bobcats, herds of mule deer,fawns, bears bathing in springs and more. For the sake of the last frontier for this wildlife we once again reiterate our disdain for further development in Glenshire/Eastern Truckee.


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