DEIR is now available online for review and comment.  Deadline for comment is March 1st.  You can also check out a hard copy or purchase CD of DEIR at the Town of Truckee, or read it at the Truckee Library.  SOSG has made CD’s (organized by chapters) – please email if you would like us to get a CD to you.

Many thanks to the community members who attended the Canyon Springs public meeting on Dec. 18th!

Pencil in Jan. 29th on your calendars for a meeting with the Town to ask technical questions about the DEIR.

Tax exempt donations towards hiring experts to analyze DEIR can be made, click here.

One thought on “Canyon Springs DEIR is Here! Now is our only chance-Comment Period Ends 3/1/2013!

  1. I called the Truckee Library regarding the DEIR on canyon springs. They have
    only one copy of document, and one cannot check it out.


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