Call to Action NOW 3/3/2013!  Help Protect the local Deer Herd/Wildlife!

UC Davis has invited us to join their California Roadkill Observation System (CROS). While it is very discouraging the amount of deer and other wildlife we observe killed on Glenshire Drive and other local roads, it is important that we track this information to prove the danger that heavy traffic and unmitigated roadways impose on the wildlife.
We’ve sadly been informed of at least 2 fawns killed on Glenshire Drive this summer.  Please click on the link below to report observations.  NOTE: The UC Davis site is not updated daily, so please also email with this information.  UC Davis will map the information for this region in the near future.  NOTE: When reporting deer on UC Davis site, just type “mule” in the species box and the entire species name will come up to click on.  Also zoom in on map to get to Glenshire Drive and other local roads.

Click Here to Report to UC DAVIS CROS