COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT NEEDED ON CANYON SPRINGS DEVELOPMENT PLAN.  Thank you to the many community members that attended the joint MAP/SOSG Canyon Springs update/letter writing meeting Oct 16th.  To review the Canyon Springs Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (RDEIR) Chapters go to the Town of Truckee’s website. Public comments regarding the adequacy of the revised chapters should be submitted to the Town of Truckee Planning Division to Denyelle Nishimori, email:
With the help of MAP, the public comment period got extended to Thursday, November 20th at 5pm. SOSG  & MAP urges concerned community members to review the revised chapters and submit written comments. For more information or questions regarding please contact SOS Glenshire at   BELOW  ARE TOOLS  PREPARED BY MOUNTAIN AREA PRESERVATION FOUNDATION FOR COMMENT LETTER WRITING ON THE CANYON SPRINGS PROJECT (deadline 11/20/2014). 

We have attached a drop box link with all of the RDEIR for Canyon Springs including the Appendixes which have the detailed data for the new chapters, Biological Resources & Transportation/Traffic. If you are not familiar with dropbox you will need to download the software to your computer and establish an account to access the files, it is free.
The Town of Truckee General Plan is also an important document to utilize as you craft your comment letter in response to the Canyon Springs development proposal. The Goals and Policies to reference are within Chapter 2: Land Use Element. This chapter will also refer you the the Town’s planned growth and specific projects that we mentioned last night.
Important:  All comments on original DEIR are null and void. If you feel your prior comments were not addressed in this revised DEIR, you will need to re-submit them in this comment period, stating you are re-submitting due to the RDEIR not addressing.