SOSG & MAP do not support the Canyon Springs 185+ unit project as proposed.

Canyon Springs will bring unavoidable & detrimental environmental impacts to the Truckee region.

  • Truckee General Plan, Land Use Chart 7 defines this type of development as SPRAWL!
  • Sets a precedent for future sprawl and growth inducing impacts on adjacent Teel property in Unincorporated Nevada County!
  • Canyon Springs proposes 8 phases, 20 years of construction traffic & 2,500+ vehicle trips per day!
  • If approved the Loyalton-Truckee Deer herd and migration corridor will be negatively impacted forever! This is an unavoidable impact under CEQA that cannot be mitigated to a less than significant finding.
  • The environmental analysis relies on outdated and inaccurate studies for traffic, biology and water quality data review!
  • The environmental analysis had NO discussion of impacts to Glenshire Lake!

HELP SOSG & MAP stop Sprawl! The environment, people and wildlife deserve better!

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Canyon Springs proposed development FINAL HEARING expected this October!  A must attend meeting to have your voice heard and show support in our efforts!