Dear Neighbors —
We need your help ASAP. The Town of Truckee has created a survey to capture residents’ preferences in the new General Plan, but those options don’t reflect what the community has repeatedly said it wants nor what the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) has asked for, namely the community’s desire for protected open space. What’s more, the survey hasn’t been publicized, so we need your help to get the word out.What you can do about it? Take the Town survey THIS WEEK. (Keep reading for info on the fastest option.)

The survey closes on Friday, July 17, so please take it as soon as you can. If you’re able to, please take the whole survey. If you don’t have time to take the full survey, you can skip ahead to the section most relevant to Glenshire and Canyon Springs, at the very end. It’s Focus Area 5, questions 31-35, especially questions 33 and 34. (See visual below.)

Town has proposed only options with heavy development: one for the Canyon Springs plan we’ve seen before, with 200 additional homes on the property just east of Glenshire, and two options off of Edinburgh Drive (which was always promised not to be the main entrance), one with all 200 homes packed into a smaller area, and a new even higher density option that would put 300 new homes’ worth of vehicle traffic onto tiny streets like Edinburgh, Regency, Courtenay and nearby small streets, as well as adding additional congestion to the intersection of Glenshire Drive at Donner Pass Road, and in all directions in the event of a wildfire evacuation. Our suggestion on how to complete question 33 is below, and you can use question 34 to share more detail.

It’s essential that the Town hear from those who would like to see the entire site conserved as open space, not used for more houses or for lots that will sit vacant for decades.


Suggestion for question 33:

Please share the link with your friends and neighbors, and ask all adults in your household to take the survey this week! The more people who respond to the survey, the louder our voices will be.

Want to do more?

Provide a public comment via email or voicemail (or both) before Tuesday’s Town Council meeting (before 5 PM on Tuesday, July 14) to let the Council know your thoughts on how the Planning Division is handling this process, and your thoughts on the best uses for the Canyon Springs site. You can send an email to and/or leave a voicemail up to 3 minutes in length at 530-428-6555. Council members will read emails and voicemails will be played aloud. Please reference agenda item #4, public comment.

Please tell new neighbors about SOS Glenshire! 

We know you care a lot about our community, but many of our new neighbors don’t know about the history of the Canyon Springs site, or what we’re doing to protect open space in Eastern Truckee. Please tell folks about SOS Glenshire so they can get on the e-newsletter list and follow us on Facebook, too.

Wishing you good health and peace in this tough time,
SOS Glenshire