Action Item!

Survey deadline is now July 31, and MAP virtual meeting

The deadline for the Town of Truckee survey on Land Use Alternatives has been extended until

July 31. Glenshire and Eastern Truckee is included in this survey. The Land Use Alternatives process IS the time to consider different zoning such as open space. Please advocate for the environment and community, take the survey!

(Please see more information about the survey in the second section of this message.)

To keep the community engaged in this public process, MAP (Mountain Area Preservation) is hosting a Virtual Community Outreach Meeting on Monday, July 27, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm focused on the Truckee 2040 General Plan and Land Use Alternatives survey. To register for the Zoom, CLICK HERE or contact MAPF at or call 530-582-6751.

Also, the Truckee Town Council will hear a Progress Report on the General Plan Update on Tuesday, 7/28.  Click here for more information.

Information on the Town’s Survey and Workshop:

The Town of Truckee is offering a virtual workshop and survey asking for community input for future land use alternatives in five focus areas in the town. Glenshire is Focus Area #5 at the end of the survey. Although all focus areas are important, if you don’t have time for the complete survey, please at least respond to this part. It includes two areas in Glenshire:

  1. Eastern Town Limits: Although, there is no active Canyon Springs development application, (the past proposal was withdrawn in August of 2018), the town is considering zoning this area to include 200-300 homes. The options don’t reflect the opinions of the Glenshire community. In 2015, 300 community members attended the Canyon Springs hearing requesting no development due to traffic and congestion issues, evacuation concerns, greenhouse gas emissions, the existing and active wildlife migration corridor, etc. SOSG and the community has been advocating for Open Space for many years! If you agree, choose “other” and explain your opinions!

2.In an area near the Glenshire General Store, the survey choices are: re-zoning for a mix of commercial and residential, retaining the existing zoning of commercial, or Other.

This is the chance for the community to give their opinions to the town about how much and what type of development is appropriate in the future. Please let your voice be heard!

Click HERE to take the survey.

If you want to do more….

As mentioned above, The Truckee Town Council will hear a Progress Report on the General Plan Update on Tuesday, 7/28. If you want to let the Council know your thoughts on this survey, or your thoughts on the best uses for the “Eastern Town Limits” (formally Canyon Springs) site, you may send an email to and/or leave a voicemail up to 3 minutes in length at 530-428-6555. Council members will be given the emails and voicemails will be played aloud.

Also, join the SOS Glenshire e-newsletter mailing list at