Our responsibility is to future generations

Responsible land use means acknowledging the many circumstances that exist in and around a place.  Many issues, from the local, to the national or global, affect the quality of life that people will experience in a place.  Responsible land use in the Glenshire area will always ensure that any human modifications to our place will maintain or improve wild lands and wildlife, as well as the other things that are fundamental to quality of life in our region.

The American propensity for unlimited growth, intense competition, and the domination of nature has run directly counter to ecological ideals such as stability, interdependence, and a community consciousness extended to include nonhuman beings and biophysical processes.

Principles For Responsible Development:

  • Conservation of open space, biodiversity, and site vitality
  • Accessible outdoor recreation
  • Environmentally sensitive development plan
  • Consistency with the surrounding community
  • Respectful and collaborative process for planning subdivisions
  • Affordable housing/Workforce housing available
  • Community services in close proximity
  • Green building and energy efficiency standards
  • Infill/No urban sprawl
  • Respect for border lines and no-go zones