"In our bones we need the natural curves of hills, the  whisper of pines, the possibility of wildness.  We require these patches  of nature for our mental health and our spiritual resilience."

Community involvement & action is a vital part of reaching the goals of open space preservation or responsible development. The community has been successful thus far in numerous open space and responsible development campaigns, and we know that with our Call To Action people will step up and take action as needed. Whether it be mitigating a proposed project or campaigning to raise funds to acquire the land as open space, the significant reinforcement and advocacy we are continually building is making our community stronger than ever!

Support SOS Glenshire as a volunteer in the following ways:

SOS Community Organizer

Take the leadership role for an SOS Glenshire program.  There is no better way to become creatively engaged with real solutions to Glenshire’s open space issues.

SOS Ambassador

Spread the word about SOS Glenshire regionally by representing us at a local festival or community event.  Ambassadors help create and keep booths and displays at the most important community gatherings in order to cultivate awareness of our cause to English and Spanish speaking community members.

SOS Speakers Bureau

Are you naturally an inspirational speaker?  We need you to speak for open space to schools, businesses, community groups, and public officials.

SOS Program Support

We have numerous volunteer activities related to our programs that come up throughout the year.  There are opportunities on any level depending on your skills.

Contact Us to volunteer.

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