Saving Open Space around Glenshire

Saving Open Space around Glenshire (SOS Glenshire) is a grass roots, local, non-profit organization made up of neighbors just like you dedicated to preserving valuable open space and promoting responsible land use in eastern Truckee, near the Glenshire area.

One of our major efforts is advocating for responsible land use in the area east of Glenshire (formerly known as Canyon Springs).  Development in this area could have the following significant impacts:

  • Interrupt Deer Migration Corridors
  • Increase Traffic Volume and Related Hazards
  • Overcrowd Our Schools
  • Increase The Risk Of Wildfires
  • Reduce Water Quality and Quantity
  • Threaten Wildlife Habitat
  • Increase Rural Sprawl
  • Diminish Our Quality Of Life
  • Negatively Impact Property Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the sustaining of wild lands, wildlife, and quality of life around the Glenshire region (eastern Truckee and Nevada County) for the benefit of current and future generations. Our goals are:

  • To protect undeveloped land that is vital in maintaining wild lands, wildlife, and quality of life for our community.
  • To maintain wildlife corridors, habitat connectivity, and viable wildlife populations around our community.
  • To create a basis for our government and town leaders to make choices that reflect the priorities of our community members.
  • To raise awareness of the significant benefits of preserving natural open spaces for community use.