Don’t call me NIMBY.

The phrase Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) was created by a group of environmental activists in the field of Environmental Justice.  NIMBY was always meant as a derogatory term; used to designate the unfair, and unconstitutional, placement of Locally Unwanted Land Uses (LULU’s). LULU’s are toxic, industrial, or waste sites that are harmful to the greatest extent.  The presence of a LULU in one’s community would mean immediate and direct harm to personal health or social and environmental vitality.


Environmentalists were some of the first activist groups to recognize the connection between the treatment of land and social justice. With little investigation it was found that the permitting and placement of LULU projects would be contested and denied in locations of affluence, where citizens of social power and successful activism could shout, “Not In My Backyard”, and make the LULU go away.  The LULU was then unfairly foisted on poor and disenfranchised neighborhoods, primarily neighborhoods of color.


Environmental Justice advocates saw this trend, and recognized this as a new way of using the environment to cultivate deeper racism, inequity, and class privilege.  In the United States courts environmental justice advocates designated the term NIMBY to recognize the people who, even though they are equally responsible for the LULU, push the environmental and social consequences on others.


Don’t call me NIMBY.  You cannot apply this terminology to Open Space Advocacy issues for three reasons.

-First, NIMBY comes from a discourse that does not fit regional advocacy for responsible land use.  The proportions of a LULU are amplified by intense concerns for social justice, personal health, and environmental vitality.  This term was used to address fundamental injustices, not public concerns regarding local resources.

-Second, LULU’s are the result of corporate and industrial activity that smacks of elitism, non-local governance, and the privilege of excess wealth. LULU’s are not the types of entities that SOS Glenshire faces as we discuss the possibility of responsible development in our region.

-Finally, much like SOS Glenshire, those environmentalists that originally used the term NIMBY were working hard to ensure that all people in this country have the local knowledge and social power necessary to ensure a high quality of life for their family and their community.  We are not pushing the problem of development away, on others.  We are proposing a new and different kind of development, where responsible citizens participate in responsible land use.  In other words, we are not trying to make unsustainable land use frameworks go some place else, we are trying to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and technology necessary to make them go away completely.

Development Update: Canyon Springs

Development AreaCall To Action:  Canyon Springs is pushing a new project.

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On June 3, 2010 an application was submitted to the Town of Truckee for the Canyon Springs Truckee 185 parcel project.  The town has reviewed and accepted the application for completeness.  The DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report) consultant was selected by Truckee Town Council on February 17, 2011.  The DEIR Scoping period started on 4/20/11 and expires 5/23/11.  The DEIR  is expected as early as summer 2011.   SOSG is meeting regularly with MAPF during this entire process  and we will email regular updates to those that have joined our email list.  SOSG will be hosting  “scoping letter sessions” with community members where all requests of such letter are required to be addressed by in the DEIR                                                                    Please  join our e-list to be involved.

Our efforts still encompass all of the 284 acres. As many are aware, the new owners of the Canyon Springs property are working with the prior developer. We understand that they will be developing 185 lots to sell to private parties to build upon.  There is much concern about the adverse impacts this high density project will have on our community, with increased traffic hazards, decreased property values and threatened wildlife corridors at the top of the list.  Also of main concern is that the approval of a development for the Canyon Springs parcels will create a bridge for other development to attach onto, making it easy for hundreds of additional acres to be developed in the future!  At this point the land owners are moving forward, but the possibility of an open space purchase has not been absolutely excluded.  The land owners and SOSG have agreed to be in communication during this process, along with Mountain Area Preservation Foundation (MAPF), an organization that has been advocating for smart growth and open space protection in our area for over 20 years. SOSG has successfully engaged with other local, county & state agencies to gain support for their mission, along with many supportive community members. We all feel a collaborative process is best.

It is still the preference of many to see the land owners bought out and this land preserved as Open Space. And with the recent blocking to public use of approximately 4,000 acres around our community, it is more crucial than ever to work toward preserving a substantial portion of the Canyon Springs property as open space. These 283 acres of land seem our last resort for substantial usable Open Space around our community. This may be our last chance to protect much of what makes life here so precious.

In case substantial open space preservation is not feasible, we must continue to advocate strongly for a development that is responsible, respectful & compatible with the existing community. Both these goals – either preservation of the land or mitigation of the development – are costly! Funds are needed for legal consul & the services of experts to review and comment on the DEIR. We need to raise substantial additional funds NOW!

The newly proposed Canyon Springs development could nearly eliminate the deer migration corridor used by the Loyalton-Truckee deer herd for their winter and summer migration. This is the only major corridor left within the Town of Truckee.

We would certainly prefer to use our funds to pay the land owners rather than pay mitigation costs, and have expressed same to the land owners. We hope they will be encouraged at some point to meet at the bargaining table. There has been some interest expressed, so we do have hope!

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

SOS GlenshireWho Is SOS Glenshire?

Community members from Glenshire and neighboring areas have been working together to preserve open space around the Glenshire area for a long time. There are too many names to list when discussing our community organizers, program contributors, and community partners.  Check out our link on the left column to view our most important SOS Glenshire partners.  Currently SOS Glenshire’s board of directors and volunteer members tackle diverse issues related to open space such as sustaining quality of life, responsible development trends, trails and outdoor recreation, wildlife populations and corridors, and generally defining the legacy of the Glenshire community.

The current SOS Glenshire core group is fortunate to have involved many local experts, such as biologists, foresters, land use planners, architects, realtors, business planners, accountants, etc., as well as input and support from the non-profit organization known as MAPF (Mountain Area Preservation Foundation). We have organized various committees and advisors that meet monthly. We will be posting meeting schedules open to the public on the Event Dates page of our website.

What Are We Seeking To Accomplish?

SOS Glenshire’s mission is to support the sustaining of wild lands, wildlife, and quality of life around the Glenshire region (eastern Truckee and Nevada County) for the benefit of current and future generations. Our current efforts seek to minimize the impact of development on the previoulsly proposed Canyon Springs site and, if possible, help facilitate the purchase of this property, to preserve it as permanent open space. Our approach involves reaching out to our Town of Truckee leaders and our neighbors to inform people about the significant negative impact of this development and the importance of land preservation.  By starting at the grass-roots level SOS Glenshire is sure to catch the interest of larger land preservation/environmental agencies to assist with our cause.

Why Does SOS Glenshire Need You?

Your involvement is essential to our success. It will take substantial work, time and funding to bring a potential open space preservation project as large as this one to the point of purchase negotiations, then to final completion. Much help is needed right now, for example, because we believe the developers, including the new owners, will be providing a new or revised development plan in winter, 2009-2010.

How Can You Help?

Talk to your neighbors, friends and colleagues about SOS Glenshire and how they can help protect open space. Direct people to our Open Space Information Resource on our web page

• Stay updated through community meetings, our email action alert and website’s Development Updates.

Volunteer! We need people to write letters to the editor, and a variety of other tasks. If you have a particular expertise, perhaps we can use that in our endeavor as well.

Make a donation today! We need to be ready to hire experts to assist us in successfully getting us through the DEIR and if necessary, legal counsel.  Hiring talented attorneys and other professional advisors requires a sound financial base, so we have started a consulting/legal fund. If the developers/land owners decide to sell, any remaining donations could be used to help purchase the property, hopefully with the financial involvement of land trusts and other partners.

Go to our Donate/Volunteer page for donation methods, or donate immediately using a credit card or PayPal account. By clicking the button below you will be taken to a PayPal supported web site where you can make an immediate and secure donation to SOS Glenshire.


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