Donate for Open Space

Donate today for the preservation of open space in our region. The forests in Glenshire and Lake Tahoe are National treasures and contribute greatly to the integrity of our place, help us take measures now to preserve our adjacent lands for recreation, wildlife, and quality of life.

In cases where substantial open space preservation of a parcel is not feasible, we must continue to advocate strongly for a development that is responsible, respectful & compatible with the existing community.

Both these goals – either preservation of the land or mitigation of the development – are costly! Funds are needed for retained legal consul & experts to review and comment on the DEIR. We need to raise substantial additional funds NOW!

Go to our Donate/Volunteer page for donation methods, or donate immediately using a CREDIT CARD or  PAY PAL account. By clicking the button below you will be taken to a PayPal supported web site where you can make an immediate and secure donation to SOS Glenshire.